Volt TV is an adult TV series created by Madi Shinx, as a spin-off to The Madi Shinx Show, premiering on September 1, 2023 airing on ATV.


  • Madi
  • Nicholas
  • Wizenheimer
  • Stinky
  • Opo
  • Shappy
  • Dukasaurus Rex
  • Shannon
  • Sam
  • Braxton
  • Lil' Midget
  • Mr. God
  • Mr. Hell


Number Title Description Air date
1 Madi's Party Madi Shinx tries to host a party, but when Wizenheimer gets out alcoholic drinks for the adults, Five-Forty gets drunk and things get out of control. September 1, 2023
2 Madi and Nicholas Rob a Bank After not having enough money, Madi and Nicholas try to rob a bank. September 8, 2023