Transformers: Roll-Out! is a Action-Adventure series based off of Transformers. It aired on Animation Station.



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The Autobots
Optimus Prime
(Peter Cullen)
Optimus is the leader of the Autobots. He is a Prime, a title held by very few bots, and is a natural born leader. He may act a little bit cold, but he's got a big heart and is a nice person. He pefers peace, but won't hesitate to fight for it. And he can put up a darn good fight as well.
(Drake Bell)
Bumblebee is the youngest bot of the team, and student to Optimus. Being young, Bumblebee likes to goof around and barley takes things seriously, but is good in a fight and is loyal until the end. Though he isn't strong, he makes up for it by being the fastest member of the whole team.
(Rob Paulson)
Ratchet is the team mechanic and brains of the group. He's a liiiitle bit nuts, coming up with conspericy theories and odd ideas, but his loyalty outweighs his insanity. He also knows the ins and outs of a robot, making him the go-to guy for repares or minor modifacations for damages from battle.
(Khary Payton)
Grimlock is the teams bruser, able to lift 20x his weight and throw metal shattering punches. While he may be dim, he is one of the nicest members of the team. Just because he's a softy doesn't mean he can't fight though. And to top it off, he can transform into a T-Rex Robot!
(Grey DeLisle)
Arcee is the only female on the team, to her dismay. On Cybertron she was one of the best fighters on the planet, and she carries these skill into battle. Her snarky attiude has her argue a lot with teammate Ratchet, but she still cares for him and her other friends like family. Still wishes there was another female.
(Nolan North)
(Tara Strong)
Wheelie is the teams mission control, giving the group info during missions and other things. He dislikes going out in the field due to his small size, but can actually fight if he has no choice but to. He also is obsessed with Earth culture, spending his free time reading History books and playing games.
Srg. Armstrong
(Rob Paulson)
When the Autobots made their presence known, the military recruted them as the new protectors of Earth. Armstrong is the one to give them info about missions, and while he doesn't 100% trust the Autobots, he does respect that they protect their new home. Doesn't like Ratchet too much, though.
(Trey Parker)
The Transmorphers were created by the Military as a backup team. While they can do things fine, they pale in comparison to the Autobots, meaning they usually just help out moving heavy stuff or transportation. They are lead by Unit-07734, nicknamed Knockoff by Arcee, the name of which stuck.
Decepticons/Other Antagonists
(Frank Welker)
(Tom Kenny)
(David Boat)
(Greg Ellis)
(Frank Welker)
(Elizabeth Daily)


Season 1:

  • W.I.P

Season 2:

  • W.I.P

Season 3

  • W.I.P

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Season 1
Ep 1: "Let's Roll Out!" Golden-Sans
Due to unknown reasons, Cybertron was destroyed and it's inhabitant (the Autobots and the Decepticons) evacuate the planet to live on other planets. 7 Autobots wind up on a planet called Earth, and at first have a pretty hard time fitting in. But trouble is around the corner...
Ep 2: "Grimlocked Out" Golden-Sans
After the goverment offically assigns the Autobots as protectors of earth, the robots start scanning vehicals to turn into. Grimlock, however, decides to scan a skeleton of a T-Rex, allowing him to transform into a mechanical Dino. Too bad he accidently gets stuck like this...
Ep 3: "Megatron Rises" Golden-Sans
To the dismay of the Autobots, 4 Decepticons end up on Earth: Megatron, Starscream, Blitzwing, and Shockwave. They decide to try and take over this world, declaring the humans as weaklings unfit to rule, and it's up to the Autobots to bring them down a notch.
Ep 4: "A Minor Glitch" Golden-Sans
Ratchet and Wheelie fiddle with Bumblebee to try and allow him to transform into multiple things instead of one at a time. They royally screw up, however, and cause him to start acting weirdly. Trying to fix it ends up making it worse and worse, up to the point of destruction.
Ep 5: "Follow the Leader" Golden-Sans
After Optimus screws up badly and Cliffjumper nearly dies, he decides he may be unfit for leading and asks the others if one of them want to lead. Arcee takes up the job but finds that leadership is VERY hard work while Wheelie tries to get Optimus back to being the leader.
Ep 6: "Knockoff" Golden-Sans
The military build their own versions of the Autobots called "Transmorphers" that are, for lack of a better term, a bit less effective then the Autobots. When the Decepticons kidnap most of the Autobots, however, it's the Morphers time to prove what little worth they currently have.
Ep 7: "Virus" Golden-Sans
Shockwave accidentally creates a sentient virus known as N.F.E.C.T that immediately grows a liking towards Megatron. Seeing an opportunity, Megatron sends N.F.E.C.T to antagonize the Autobots. How will our heroes combat their newest malware-based foe?
Ep 8: "Getting Serious" Golden-Sans
Bumblebee begins to think the group doesn't like him due to his jokey and loud nature, so he has Ratchet fix him up a new personality. However, his new attitude doesn't sit well with the others, and as Ratchet attempts to bring him back the new personality refuses to leave and goes a liiitle bit crazy.
Ep 9: "Enemy Mine, Part 1" Golden-Sans
Thanks to a fight and a teleportation device, Wheelie and Cargo are teleported to an unknown location, and are forced to work together to get home. Surprisingly, the two actually somewhat get along after getting to know each other, but this creates problems when Optimus and Megatron pick them up.
Ep 10: "Enemy Mine, Part 2" Golden-Sans
While Optimus doesn't really mind Wheelies new friendship with Cargo, Megatron is seriously pissed at his assistant for "conversing with the enemy". It gets worse when the Decepticons kidnap Wheelie to get rid of him. This is where Cargo decides to draw the line with her now former boss.
Ep 11: "Close Encounters" Golden-Sans
A meteor crashes close to the Autobot's base, inside of it a little baby alien. Arcee and Ratchet immideatly grow attached to it, but it isn't long until trouble comes. A bounty hunter named Death's Head comes to deliver the baby to his employer. Naturally, Arcee and Ratchet aren't having that.

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