Kaitlin and the Unfinished Lunch
The Kaitlin Chronicles episode Season 1, Episode 3
Air date November 28, 2015
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During several lunch periods, a plate of unfinished nachos sits at one of the tables, getting more disgusting over time. Kaitlin and friends attempt to figure out whose nachos those were.

Episode Summary Edit

It's time for yet another lunch period at school. Kaitlin wonders what kind of crap they'll be serving today. Nothing looks very appetizing to her, so she just gets into the sub line. On her sub she gets chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and honey mustard.

At the lunch table, all of Kaitlin's friend are staring at something at an empty table. Kaitlin wonders what they're all staring at. They point at the plate of nachos just sitting there. Kaitlin shudders as she sees it. Kaitlin goes around asking about the nachos. A tall kid named Zac says those nachos have been sitting there for a day now. They were there yesterday too. Kaitlin is surprised the janitors haven't taken care of that.

Kaitlin goes back to her lunch table and tells them what Zac told her. They're all shocked and disgusted at the same time. Maddie gets up to throw it away, but another kid named Theo insists on keeping it there. Maddie wonders why. Theo says just because. Maddie attempts to grab it, but Theo resists her. Maddie just walks away while Theo taunts her. Maddie thinks this is getting out of hand.

The next three days, the nachos are still there. Kaitlin has just about had it. She needs to figure out whose nachos those are. Just then, a voice comes out of nowhere, claiming that it was theirs. She looks over, and it's a kid she recognizes. His name is Jarrett. He says he left them there for a science experiment. That's why Theo was telling Maddie to leave it alone a couple days ago.

Kaitlin thinks that was a waste of time. Now Jarrett thinks they can throw it away. He throws it away. Shannon thinks this has been one of the most useless episodes ever. Kaitlin points out this is only the third episode. Olivia thinks that's true. Jarrett wonders what they're even talking about.

Production Information Edit

  • The nachos use a mix of both live-action and CGI
  • This is the first time the cast breaks the fourth wall

Trivia Edit

  • Music from Sonic Lost World is borrowed once again. During the scene with Theo and Maddie, the cutscene theme "Who Got Us In This Mess?" plays