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DPS Networks was an American entertainment company headquartered in 230 Lake St, St Louis, Missouri, that owns the cable channels DPS, Life, teen tv, ATV, VTV, and MOTV.


The company was established in 1994 as TRE Media Networks by Trey Games. TRE Media Networks launched TREtv, TRE Games, TRE Films, & Life tv. In 2000 TRE Media Networks launched a another channel called TEEN TV (which is now know as #teen tv. On August 5, 1998 TREtv began to became populaity after MensHome losing its popularity. In 2001 the company's name was changed to 64 Entertainment. TREtv was renamed TV64, TRE Games was renamed 64 Games, & TRE Films was renamed 64 Films. On September 5, 2002 64 Entertainment launched a another network called ADULT 64 (which is now known as ATV) at 5:00 am. On June 10, 2006 at 4:59pm, Trey & the others was inside a mobile home trailer with the 18 wheeler cargo, but suddenly the drunk driver was doing some rough driving and crossed over a big hilly rock so the 18 wheeler and the trailer started flipping over from the rock and the truck starts to crash with the mobile home trailer and it killed Trey and the others inside the trailer. On January 1, 2008 two years after Trey Games death, Donovan Shavis began to replace Trey Games, the company was renamed (which is now known as) DPS Networks the channels got renamed to (which is now know as DPS since 2010), ATV DPS Games, & DPS Films. On August 2010 the company launched its first premium cable channel called MOTV. On April 2, 2015 DPS Networks has announced that they are launching three multiplex channels for MOTV called MOTV Kids, MOTV Teen, MOTV Comedy, MOTV Indie,& MOTV Adult on June 11, 2015.On June 8, 2015, Harlo Cat shut down DPS shortly thereafter, following a lawsuit by DPS filed against Harlo Cat in the American court system.